A good starter airbrush??


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I am not looking to spend a fortune. I just want something that will perform decent. I have a few small ideas I want to shadow some lettering. I cant afford a sata or anything like that.

What would be a decently priced starter gun?
Ya, I just want to drop shadow on some letters, and maybe ghost a skull in with a stencil.

I'm probably gonna be pestering you shortly. lol
My budget is about $125-$150.

Also, I know ZERO about airbrushing, but I want to learn. Can I plug into my normal airlines and regulate the air down?
the hpcs is a great airbrush but much more for detail. not really something to start out with but you could if you wanted. if you want something really good and inbetween the two then you want an eclipse. nice smooth feel, moderate detail but you can also do larger stuff too. i have and hpcs, eclipse and revolution. i use an eclipse 10-1 over the others. you will need an iwata air hose as well. one end goe to the brush the other you can put in your regular air fittings to plug into your supply.
Ha your right, i was screwed up. I was thinking hpc plus. No the revolution is not between the eclipse and an lph80. That would be the trigger brush. The revolution sprays similar to the eclipse just overall less refined.
get an Iwata HPC Plus, it's got a middle of the road needle size, .3mm. it is well versitile, can do fine stuff and can spray larger areas and it last a long time. the big thing about it is it also has a teflon needle packing O-ring which is made for solvent based paint, the Eclipse does not and will fail overr time using solvent based paint. If you are spraying larger areas then go for the Revolution, it also is teflon but has a larger .5 needle. I have used almost every airbrush on the market and Iwata may cost a little more..its about 180 for the HPC plus...but its a great investment as long as you clean it after every use. just run laquer thinner through it when you change paint or are done with what you are doing.