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Acrylic Lacquer Spray Paint Question

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I was wondering if you can spray acrylic lacquer aerosol paint over 2K Urethane primer? I'm in the process of painting the trunk area of a 64 Ford Falcon. I've already cleaned and sanded everything down, sprayed with epoxy primer, then 2K urethane primer. The trunk on these are painted the same color as the car, which I'm painting Wimbledon White. The whole thing has been a bitch, especially due to some crap the previous owner did. Anyway, it's going to be a pain trying to paint this with a gun, because it was spraying the primer. I used a normal HVLP gun and a smaller, touch-up gun to cover all of it. It's really hard not to get into anything with the hose or cup on the gun. I found some of this color paint from Scott Drake in an aerosol can, but it's an acrylic lacquer instead of enamel. Will it paint over the 2K urethane without any issues? It would be so much easier than using a gun. It's a trunk, so it doesn't have to be slick like the exterior of the car and most of it will be covered with a mat.
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Yes it will work, not endorsing it but I do understand your predicament.

Remember this, when using a lacquer prep just like you would a base-coat and you will be fine.
I'm going to check around and see if any of the paint suppliers close by can mix enamel and put it in an aerosol can. I would prefer that.
Wow!! The one place I found so far that can put single stage enamel or base coat in an aerosol can wants $26 per can, which are 12 oz. cans. Not sure how many it would take, but I'm guessing more than a couple. I already have a quart of single stage urethane in the correct color so I guess I might as well go on with that.


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I put a 90 degree swivel on my gun so the air hose doesn't interfere as much. Worth a shot. Then I can wrap the hoses round my arm and behind my neck do it doesn't hit everything.


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Not sure if this would apply to an aerosol can, but Ford Wimbledon white changed formulas in either 65 or 66. Paint code remained the same but the formula changed. Side by side there is a slight difference. inside of trunk any difference may not show up. Anyone getting paint from a jobber might need to make sure they are getting the correct shade.


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The trunk of a 64 Falcon is pretty big compared to trunks now days. I would use my trusty Finex 1000 small gun with the 125cc cup. Sprays nice paint and is tiny and light weight, turn the pattern in tight and lower the pressure to hit those hard to reach spots. 120 bucks shipped on ebay. One of my fav guns.
They can put reduced base into a spray can for you if that's what's desired. Also there are aerosol cans of 2K clear that should work in a trunk, there's a little button on the bottom that you push and then have so long to use it up before it hardens. Not what I would do, but it's certainly doable.