adpro not just for paint

Jim C

found an interesting use for adpro. i was making these custom lights for my boat out of starboard strips. starboard is polyethylene. i tried atleast 1/2 dozen different types of double sided tape on the stuff and it all just fell off. i figured i would give the spi adpro a try. sprayed a light coat on the strips, stuck the tape and boom. it stuck rock solid. the led strips would not stick and the attachment tape either. in a nutshell the adpro works for psa adhesives as well as for paint.



evil painter
Good to know. For window grilles using the vhb tape, I've had some suppliers send some clear spray primer to be used after iso alcohol cleaning , & in the same sort of time window as an adpro. These tapes do also favor being warm to hot to stick & some window grille suppliers state preferring to be over 60 to 65 degrees for the first 24 hours ,as well as a fair amount of pressure to firmly set.