Bob Heine

I like the Flexzilla brand and have both air and garden hoses. When the 3/8" red rubber hoses started cracking on the Harbor Freight reels I replaced them with 1/2" Flexzillas. The rubber hoses have thicker walls so I the 50-foot Flexzilla replacement fits just fine.
50-foot Hose Reel Original Hose.jpg

I put a triple plug on a short whip so I can attach three air tools at the same time and the whip can be moved to another hose when I'm working outside.
50-foot Hose Reel Flexzilla Hose.jpg

Just like the 50-foot Harbor Freight reel, the 3/8" red hose on the Costco reel was cracking and the 25-foot 1/2" Flexzilla hose fits. The green shower head on the pipe is my way of blowing the dust off me at the end of the day before I enter her ladyship's domain (dumps the air out of the liines as well)..
25-foot Hose Reel Flexzilla Hose.jpg
With half a fender to go on my last coat of clear, my fairly new flexzilla blew apart at the fitting @ 120 psi. I nearly soiled myself. So no one here has had one fail?


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Jim C

Yes they dont come with the ends so dont buy alum ends for sure. There is no way an alum end will hold up. Even brass sux. Steel has the best life


Combo Man
I think he's talking about the aluminum 1/4" pipe hose barbs that come crimped to the hose. They don't bother me at all since all our lines have the same fitting. We use Amflo steel quick connects with Teflon tape, problems are pretty much nonexistent.