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Akzo-modern classik _Kindig paint

does anyone know if this is a tri-coat? didn't look like it from watching the show. Can't get much info from the website- the spec sheets don't mention it being one and it looks like the mix is 1 part paint to .5 reducer? I thought I read here where Akzo is a good paint. I have a customer that wants the "Redical " color.
akzo is sikkens, lesonal, wanda. all great paint. akzo really doesnt make anything that is real econo crap. even their lower lines are pretty good. their top lines are fantastic. sikkens hs+ is still the nicest clear i have ever shot.
Looks like it is reduced 1: .5-1: .8. Hardener added is 10%. Prices really aren't as high as I thought they would be with Kindig's name on it.
So it requires hardner ? Their hardner ? Or is it like everyone does here - just add a cap full of Barry’s clear coat hardner to a quart of sprayable- same thing ?
wow, 5 minute flash between coats, 20 minutes before clear? talk about a full tilt production product. Those cars look like three day paint jobs. I always see that one painter going around and taking the nibs off the car between coats. I am guessing its illegal in california?