Another seal or not to seal question


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This vette I'm working on has a lot of paint on it, I used the existing film build to level out a lot of the fiberglass by DA'ing with 180 and then water sanding starting with 180 grit and working up. Also have areas of bodywork where I repaired cracks and old collision damage so there's feathered in filler/lacquer primer surfacer. On much of it I ended up using slick sand to get it nice and level.
I was thinking I could use SPI epoxy primer over all this (finished bodywork, primer, slick sand) and block sand it to 4 or 600 and call that sealer for base. Am I correct? Or do I need to add another coat of reduced epoxy as a sealer?


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Also, after sanding it with 400 will it be ok for a couple weeks before base? Having to work around my work schedule, paint on weekend etc...

Jorge M.

After two weeks old sanding give it a light scuff and then use epoxy 1:1:1 as a light sealer coat, you’ll have better basecoat adhesion and a stronger paint job.


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Repairs tend to show up later to some degree, especially in heat cycles and if spray can lacquer primer surfacer was used. If you can get these areas nice & warm a few times without overheating the areas, it will help things to do more of their main shrinking now before final sand.