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Any tips for removing glue residue?

The '70 Datsun 2000 I'm restoring had its interior vinyl glued onto the body, as well as the carpet. I've been blasting the interior paint off and some of the glue is so thick it doesn't come off, even with blasting! I don't want to just hold the blaster directly on it either, I'm hoping someone has some advice. Anyone know of a solvent that will remove glue and not be a problem with primer?
Is this something I should soak for a while to help it absorb? I thought lacquer thinner but I'm worried about it messing with the primer. I'll see if I have some Xylene or MEK on my shelf.


evil painter
I wouldn't really soak it , just rub with a soaked rag, Soaking is just as or more likely to hurt primer. If some is real thick you'll likely need to scrape it down a little first. As with anything, test a less conspicuous area first.. I'd clean with alcohol type cleaner afterwards & let it get some decent dry time to evaporate solvents if you're painting.