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anyone use Perfecoat products?

I’m looking to paint my daily driver and being here in Arkansas, it seems paint suppliers are extremely limited. I know I’ll catch grief over it but I need a budget friendly basecoat. My local Oreilly priced me like $350 for a gallon on Omni plus.


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Not enough for jams, both sides of trunk, hood.
2qts better, make gallon. Figured catfish was just doing outer panels on the cheap.
2qts of omni plus should do it. Can always get 1 more.
This is a full size ext cab truck. No jambs but gotta cover good and roof that’s in primer. I figured since coverage with some of these reds and it not being a top line product I’d be better off with a gallon.


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1st a gallon of color especially red for $350 from major brands or private guy doesn't sound expensive.
Get a gallon. No unkown co.s though. Good luck.
I think I’ve talked myself into the Omni plus Dark Toreador Red with SPI reducer and either the production clear or 2020 clear. Been out of the business way too long and trying to learn about new products