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Base coats for universal clear

Ive done a bunch of home projects on race cars and such but I'm working on my childhood car and the final product is important. Right now im shaping the engine bay and truck for paint. The color will be 2014 jeep black forest green. My question is that im interested in the universal clear, what basecoat would you recommend?


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I would add Glasurit 55 line to Barry's list. Really nice stuff, great metallic control.
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I have been told by two different shops that a year or two ago it was changed to Diamont and exactly the same just higher cost of course??
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Last time I used it (2 years ago) it still seemed like the 55 line I knew from years past. Never have shot Diamont, BASF has owned Glasurit since the mid 60's and they market Glasurit as their premier paint line. Be surprised if it was. Possibly they were referring to the 90 water base line?