Best Procedure to Apply 69 Mach1 Hood Blackout


I am painting a 69 Mustang Mach1 in Indian Fire Red. I am planning on painting it close to factory, the hood blackout will be flat and applied above the clear coat. I will be using SPI Flat black and Universal clear. I will be using a tape hood blackout template that is available for the 69 Mach1, which is applied on top of the color. Is there a timeframe that I need to follow from the time the universal clear is applied to when the Flat black is to be applied? It would be nice if there is a window when the template can be applied and the clear not need to be sanded.

What is the period of time I need to wait for the universal clear to cure before applying the tape template? After applying the tape template, will the universal clear that will have the flat black applied need to be scuffed/sanded? If so, what grit would need to be used and how is the best way to prevent damaging the template? I can’t sand the clear between the 1/8” outer pin stripe and the main hood black out because it will not be able to be buffed out after the flat black is applied without messing up the flat black. So how do I make sure the 1/8” flat black pin stripe adheres properly?

Here is a picture I found on the web showing the hood blackout I am performing.



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I usually just tape it up then carefully scuff with a gray scotchbrite best I can. Another option would be to buff the area where the stripe will be with a wool pad and compound before the template is applied. Make sure the universal is good and dry (at least 2-3 days inside, or a full day in the sun}, and get the template off as soon as possible(1-2 hours is ok} after spraying.