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Best way to clean Slick Sand?


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Greetings fellow painters,

What I have done: Sprayed coats of SPI epoxy on raw fiberglass, Sprayed coats of Slick Sand, Block sanded with 220 grit, Blew pressured air

What I want to do:
Spray new coats of Slick Sand

Question: What's the best way to clean the Slick Sand, if cleaning is needed at all?

Note that I have SPI's 700 and 710 cleaners, and also the Pro51 Wax and Grease Remover below. Thanks for your input!



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If you haven't contaminated it I would blow it, tack it and shoot it. Did you drip sweat on it or something? Or leave off tacking it, just dust off with a clean cloth and air.


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Just for peace of mind I'd use the SPI 700. Spray it on, wipe it off with a proper type prep wipe (never use anything but a prep wipe), no microfiber cloths or other "clean" cloths.


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Idk, if its freshly sanded... it is porous, id be careful putting water based on it. Dry it thoroughly.
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Because of the recent server crash, the tail end of this thread was lost in the ether. To summarize what I had stated earlier, I decided to get a new spray bottle. I sprayed the slick sand with SPI's water-based #700 and wiped it with painter paper sheets, a couple of times, taking off residual grey slick sand powder. I then waited for 24 hours and finally sprayed three new coats of Slick Sand. It's looking good so far.
Thanks again for all the help guys.