Blocking refresher??

Scott M

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Ok so it's been a while since I blocked something so just need some quick steps on how to proceed. Just got done blocking my truck bed which is SMC material.. First was 3 coats of SPI epoxy then I did the little bit of body l work it needed and blocked it out with 180. Shot two more coats of epoxy, then two coats SPI 2K. Just got done blocking with 180 and it looks pretty good. Have some burn throughs to the epoxy so..... do I keep going and sand this coat with 220 and then more progressive grits and then reshoot with the 2K ? or should I shoot another coat of 2K now and block it, but do I start that coat with 180 or should I start with 220 and work up? I always get confused with that part. I guess what I'm asking is am I done with the 180 for the most part?


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No reason to sand finer than 180 if you are going to recoat with epoxy or 2K. You could start with 180 or 220, then 320, then 400-600 before final sealer. Just use guide coat between grits so you know you have all the coarser grit scratches gone.
Blocking basics:
- coarse paper to get panel straight
- don't press overly hard on the sanding block it can flex the panel
- change paper as soon as it quits cutting (keeps you from pressing harder on the block)
- sand at a 45 degree angle and change directions
- guide coat is your insurance policy (I use it when final wet sanding as well)

Scott M

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Thanks fellas I just had a memory loss on what grit to go with on my next coat on what should be my final coat be fore sealer. I'm shooting another 2k coat and starting with 220 on up. I figure this will be my just in case coat.