Blue Fire Maibox

Jim C

look good. if you want a little tip for your blue a 3 layer system. do 1 layer and candy it with a mix of coablt blue and a touch of violette to give it a slight purplish blue color. do you second layer a candy it slight lighter using just cobalt then your 3rd highlight layer using oriental. you will have way more depth and pop to the fire.


i always appreciate your pro advice, you have helped me so much. i need to try adding the purple.
i am doing something similiar:
speed blue
cobalt blue candy
power blue
electric blue candy
hawaiian or oriental blue candy

i have to experiment with the right depth of cobalt as a last coat to do a ghost real fire blue. last time i did it it came out too dark.

also...i have something that has been based with spi paint for over 4 months. should i scuff it and rebase or shoot a thin coat of spi intercoat, then clear?


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When done I will take it, just need 2289 air brushed on both sides.

I'm serious.


barry i sold it. i can make you another if you want. that means i have to do a good clear job on it! (i did a quickie non-show clear job) LOL! ill call you.