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BMW E30 Vert

First I wanted to say thanks to everyone who posts here as I have learned tons from the discussions.

I have helped my two oldest boys semi restore a couple of BMW E30 cars. After making my 2nd son's car road worthy I decided to pick up a convertible to fix up for me and my wife. The car was heavily oxidized when I purchased it and the front end had some minor collision damage. After buffing out the oxidization, I straightened the core support, replaced the front valence, bumper and added the the sport lip. All of these pieces had to be painted.

A late friend who painted professionally taught me the basics several years ago. I picked up not only some knowledge about painting from him, but also a love for fixing up old things and making them beautiful again. I am still learning of course.

The primer is SPI white epoxy. The basecoat is BMW Brilliantrot Red Motobase from Chad's. Finally, SPI universal clear. I used a Devilbiss fg4 for the primer and Devilbiss gfg670+ for the base and clear

I am super pleased with how it turned out. All of the products listed above were user friendly for a newbie like me. When I made a mistake it was relatively easy for me to address. For example, I had two small runs to deal with and the Universal clear was very forgiving. And it wasn't difficult to cut and buff the small amount of orange peel I had. The only downside is you definitely notice the flaws in the rest of the car now (hood for example)!:)

This was kind of my “practice” run before painting the whole car in the near future. It was an enjoyable project and I was very happy with the products used.

Again, a big thanks to everyone who contributes here. The knowledge I gained helped me complete this project successfully.
E30-1-Front fitting.jpg E30-5-epoxy valence.jpg E30-6-bumper red.jpg E30-8-valence red close.jpg E30-7-valence red.jpg
E30-9-assemble.jpg E30-10-complete.jpg E30-11-complete 2.jpg