Body Filler over SPI Epoxy

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If you apply it correctly then yes. About as pinhole free as a filler can get. I've used it for several years now. Actually what we use is Evercoat 522, it is the same as Rage Ultra just marketed to body shops. $20 bucks a gallon cheaper than Ultra. By applying correctly I mean thin coats and pushing down as you are spreading. You also should mix it so that you are not entrapping air in it. Mix it like a Mason mixes mortar. Fold it over on itself. Never stir it around to mix. Thicker the coats get the more pinholes you will have. The less you press down on it as you are spreading it the more pinholes you will have. Nice thing about Rage(probably other premium body fillers out there as well) is that if you do have a pin hole you can use the filler to fill it. Sands as easily as any filler I've used in the 25+ years I've been doing this.
Im going to try this filler, I read up on it, a lot of good reads on it. I ordered from amazon, and this is how it was shipped...smh!
They need a lesson from the SPI crew on packing. Barry must have a shipping peanut maker. Jeez. Little pink bastards get everywhere but I can't complain about it. Not a problem yet.

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Pin holes used to be a real pain back in the days of lacquer primer and spot putty, which harbored pockets of dust which held the thinner inside until later. (Blister) My practice was to blow any filler down very carefully to expose any shallow pin holes. Today I try to metal finish as much as possible.