Burying a two tone transition


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I painted a two tone on my sons truck. The transition between the colors is a very noticeable step. We are planning a two color stripe to seperate the colors. On the test panel we painted, the step between color changes was noticeable through the stripe. Would you guys sand that transition down within the boundaries of the stripe to make it less noticeable?

I will be clearing it with 3 or 4 coats of universal clear. Should I just leave it and let the final clear bury everything?

Thanks for any suggestions


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I just let the clear bury it. One way to make sure there is enough clear to sand the line flat is to spray a coat over the stripe first, then clear the whole panel or panels, essentially doubling the clear just over the step area. You will still have to block the edge down, but there will be plenty of material there to do so without going through to base.