Can I get a METALLIC color as a NON-METALLIC color?


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This may be a foolish question but searching online did not yield an answer.

I found a color I like and it is metallic. It is a light blue from a 2013 Prius-C. I would like to get the same color as a non-metallic because I doubt I can get it spayed correctly as an amateur that has never painted before. I am thinking of using Motobase or Wanda as my color (for budget reasons) and SPI clear over that. If this is not possible, what would be an alternative option?



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Light blue is very possible in a non-metallic, but you can't just ask for a non-metallic version of a color, it either has to be custom made, or you have to look through color chip books or look at colors on the internet until you find something that you think is close. Reason being that solid and metallic colors are made very differently, it's not just a matter of leaving out the metallic or substituting it with white.