Can I make my own "one shot" from base coat?


I have some base coat in the color I want to use, can something be done so it will flow like one shot so it can be used for pinstriping? I'm assuming the basecoat would be too thin and not cover thick enough.


maybe a single stage but not a base coat. but it will never pull like one shot. jimc should have the answer for this. i'm a dinosaur so i still use 1shot.

Jim C

For long lines basecoat wont work well. I do use it occasionally on small stuff like bikes, etc. I will use it straight and unreduced so it covers well. I never use one shot though. It stays wet so long that when im doing graphics i always put my finger somewhere in wet paint. I usually use striping urethane like hok. Since i use basf in my shop i also on occasion have my jobber mix me half pints of limco 1 in whatever color i want. Its an alkyd enamel..


y mess with striping with a basecoat? it doesnt stripe like a striping enamel or striping urethane... house of kolor, kustom shop, alsa, sem ALL have urethane striping paints in any color u would need. hell if ur careful enuff u can catalyze one shot and clear over it...