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Carquest is out

Got word today CARQUEST has been bought out by Advanced Auto and they are closing all stores and clearing all inventory ours has PPG and all is being sold cheep.
So there is another big boy killing the small making room. So if you have one near you might pay to help with the fire sale.
I was told that about a year ago. The one around here has changed from sherwin Williams to DuPont so it must be true. A lot of the parts they sell say advanced now.
I had 2 by me. One carried Dupont and the other PPG. They have been closed for couple months now. I had a feeling that Advance bought them when I got a fan belt at advance and it came in a Carquest sleeve.
That deal was announced in 2013 and was not finalized until 2015. Advanced Auto has been converting some of their parts branding to the CARQUEST name over the past year or so.
I figured it was a matter of time until they closed the CQ stores or made them convert into Advanced Auto Parts stores.
The CARQUEST stores in our area did not carry paint like they did in other areas.
The wife works for Carquest..err Advance Auto and yup they are basically turning all CQ into advance stores or closing stores down. Killing jobs and cutting paychecks etc. Just because the part says cq on the box doesn't mean its a quality part like it used to.


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Crazycuda, sad but that is how it works, company buys one and has a meeting and tells everyone all is going to be the same, 6 months later all the higher paid people, get dumped.
I don't think I have ever seen an exception.
We used to be a Carquest store, we were owner operators. Carquest started making changes (this is back around 2007) and they switched freight companies, I'm assuming to save money. Our freight started showing up late and, on some days, not at all. We told the reps that we weren't happy with the new freight company. They promised things would get better and threw in a computer upgrade to keep us happy. Freight got better for a small time, then went to shit again. We dropped them and switched to a different supplier (Sturdevants, smaller midwest parts distributor). Going back to a smaller company was great, our reps were amazing and would do tons of things for us, even throwing on a couple treadmills on the freight truck so we didn't have to drive 2 hours to get them (we donated a couple to a local gym). I think Carquest had gotten too big and the customer service was just failing, more concerned with saving a buck.