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Case of Mysterious scratches

A little long winded.Retired police detective who helps me part time recommended a customer to me lets call her Deb with a few scratches in 12 Honda hood.Did estimate and repair feathered out then epoxy,2k,base and clear.picked up and paid in May. Friday call at 7am Deb on phone the repair has failed scratches are back and car has not been used in garage not happy.I am upset what happen or what failed??
I said to bring over So son (call him Lumpy ) pulls up with car and ex husband in another car. I walk out what a MESS!!! New damage on hood Not failure. Lumpy said has failed because a guy at work said so (who don't know S@#t from shineola ) sorry Shine. I sad just leave here and I will take car of but made clear no failure on my part or product ( SPI ). Deb still don't understand as car has not been out of garage since May. Ex agreed with me has to be new damage.Ex is on phone 8 am this morning asked what are you going to do about this DuD??? I told his the same story as yesterday then said we will be over to pick up car as another shop is to look at it and they never heard of SPI .
This is un real and what would you guys do or handle this I am done with them Thanks
If you are done with them, give them the car back without repairing it. If you are not done with them, Just fix it, but carefully document the process. if it happens again, get your insurance company involved, they will be happy to tell your ex-customer to pound sand.
2 things to always keep handy. first is a voice activated recorder. have had one in my pocket for 35 years. also a lighted magnifying glass so you can see into the damage to see if it is fresh or product shrinking. also if a customer copes an attitude i'm done. i'll bend over backwards to help but i dont take any crap from a mouthy ex or punk kid.
texas is a one party state. i can record any conversation i have.