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Clear coming off...and lots of wax

Got a guy with an early 90's Chevy truck (extended cab) with the typical base/clear failure...hood, roof, tops of doors and fenders. (I assume base/clear. Have not seen it.)
He says the clear started coming off a couple years ago so he started waxing it every 2 months, hoping it would slow it down. About a third of the clear is gone
with a little metal/surface rust on the edges. Waxing every 2 months for 2 years is a lot of wax. Not sure I want bring it in.
Would like your thoughts and opinions please.


Trying to be the best me, I can be
Typically I've always stripped any area on those trucks where they peeled, so basically strip the top, hood tops of fenders/doors. As for the wax give it a good pre-wash with Dawn, extra soapy and I would do that 2x. That'll take the majority of the wax off. Then W&G remover like SPI 700 or solvent based stuff like PPG DX330, something that doesn't evaporate too quickly. After stripping another round of W&G remover and prime. If you are doing it all over, use some Scuff Stuff on a grey scotch-brite for your final scuff. If you really want to be cautious another round over the entire truck with Dawn after you scuff stuff it and you should be good to go to pull it into the booth. Wouldn't scare me as long as you get paid for the extra steps you gotta take.


evil painter
What they said, just price for the extra labor or even let the owner scrub the crap out of it with dawn beforehand. The waxings likely slowed & removed some of the minor surface rust for you, so not all bad.
Thanks guys. I have dealt with the silicone dressings/mold release agents occasionally on weatherstrips, body side moldings, interiors and tires
more than multiple applications of wax. Wasn't sure about the large scale wax removal... now I know! Much appreciated!