Coating/ painting steel rims.


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I am painting some steel rims for my work truck. I like quality / durability but not perfect for this truck.
Rims are sand blasted, washed, clean and hanging in my garage.

Will SPI epoxy work as both base and final finish or will it get grey / dull with UV after a while.

Should I top coat with ?? something basic. Just want matte, or semi gloss black.

Was going to clear as well.

Thank you.

And FYI decided against powder coat as I just don't want to spend the money and I have SPI epoxy.


I used the SPI epoxy on some big aluminum truck rims, super single rims is what I think they called them. The problem was moisture was beginning to corrode the inside surface of the rims. The polished outsides of the rims had a factory coating, were fine and cared for. So we just prepped and coated the inside. Worked well.