Coats of flattened clear

NextGen Classics

Floor sweeper
Directions say 2 coats max using matte clear. What about making a matte clear with flattening agent with UV clear? Still two coats or?? Thanks


Combo Man
Since it can't be buffed, there's little reason to go beyond two coats.

P.S. I highly recommend using the pre-made SPI Matte Clear instead of flattening the Universal.

NextGen Classics

Floor sweeper
I did use that but am running out and wanted to finish the small parts with flattening agent I have leftover. I know I will have to experiment to get the gloss to match. Thanks


Garage hack at night.....
I did some sprayouts recently using the flattening agent.

Just incase anyone may want a reference. I'm going to do a 30% one also.

Here is 40% - straight flat


Here is 20%

Side by side: