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cobalt blue candy over universal

i would like to experiment on the blue fire shaker scoop i did in the blue fire test in the thread below. a friend would like ghost true blue fire. so i am going to spray some cobalt blue candy over that cleared shaker scoop. what grit should i sand it with for an even candy coat or should i sand it, then spray it with intercoat then candy? i dont want the candy to exploit any sanding marks in the clear...
The candy won't show sanding marks, you can scuff the part with a red or grey scotchbrite, 400 wet or finer, 320 dry. If there's no leveling to do and you just need it scuffed a scotchbrite works fine.
if still pretty green, it could cause the candy to lift/cook/wrinkle.....same as if applying basecoat over a still green clear.
If you're using a candy concentrate in Universal clear the chance of lifting will be none, if your using it in an intercoat clear the chance of lifting will be more because there is more solvent. Using a urethane clear to hold the dye on larger jobs makes the spraying more difficult IMO but on smaller parts like you are working it wouldn't be as much of a challenge. Activating the basecoats and intercoat clear will always help eliminte chance of lifting. I've never had any lifting problems with SPI products.
nor have i. never have with using any sikkens base, as it is a hot/wet system......you just have to make sure your clear is good and dry. i've repaired over universal next day in the summer with very slow activator with no problems...no i way i could do that with any of the other clears i've used without baking it.....sanding it and throwing another quick bake on.
i was just doing some cobalt blue color tests (i like 6:1) using spi intercoat on blue flame base and purposely over sprayed 1:2 intercoat resulting in dripping..but no lifting of original base!