color of last coats of epoxy

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So I am shooting the final two coats of unreduced epoxy.I would like to shoot them in black to look over the body and make sure it is straight even though my final reduced epoxy sealer color will be white(F6 mopar bright green metallic).Or am I making a mistake as the sealer epoxy will have trouble covering the black? I can use all white it is just not as easy to see.

If you are getting full coverage on your color coat it shouldn't matter what color the sealer is. Think about a spray out card which is black and white squares that you spray the color over to see how many coats it will take so as to not see a difference.
Some of the newer transparent colors may require a certain sealer tint in order to produce the look.

You could experiment with a small piece of metal but in my experience it hasn't made any difference what color I sprayed over. Maybe one of the pros will correct me?


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Primer color can affect top color. Yellow and orange especially. Some colors it don't matter.


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GM Inferno Orange single stage, black sealer made the final color a good bit darker. At least it was jambs... Will be using white for the outside.