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Compressor Seized in Middle of Coat

Shortly into my first coat of epoxy (this is about my third round of epoxy (post-filler and all) on this portion and I intended lay down two coats), my compressor seized on me. That was awesome.:mad:
Fortunately, a buddy has another compressor that I can use that should work just fine.
My intention is to essentially start over again as if I never started. I will make sure everything is clean, of course, but I don't plan to scuff it up or anything. As silly as I feel asking this question, since the answer seems an obvious "you're fine", I want to make sure since this is my first time doing all of this stuff.

On a side note, I'd really like to be able to block the epoxy out but I believe the rule is to wait 24 hours on full-strength epoxy prior to doing so. My scenario would be spraying the epoxy around 9am and wanting to block around 3pm. My garage temp is just a tad about 65F, which is another reason I think I should wait. Again, just checking...