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i decided to build a truck instead of buying one. tired of repair bills on Detroit junk. bought this truck for 150 and drug it out of a goat shed where it sat for over 30 years. it's being built with left over stuff. believe me this one will get driven . not much happening right now as i'm pretty busy in the shop. should get back on it soon.
camaro clip
complete s10 rear end
302 with an aod

a new horn button for the firebird column was 84 bucks . this one cost a nickle .... dash done.jpg

engine mounted.jpg


cab on front.jpg

horn button done.jpg
Shine, do you like the front steer subframes better than the rear steer 68-74 design? Bet they ride and handle better? I've driven some rack-n-pinion Mustang II setups that don't drive near as nice as a Camaro sub. Nice truck! I've also seen people use the bolt in crossmember and suspension out of 73-87 chev 1/2 ton with drop spindles on stock rails.
been a little preoccupied with family stuff. i prefer the front steer . rear steer is getting hard to find. if i bought one with mll i would cut it off and do a clip. i have done around 30 clips over the years and never had a problem. but i DO NOT do the cut and butt like many. i use the entire clip. the geometry remains the same.
Shine, where do you usually make the cut on the clip-behind the transmission crossmember? Most people section it in at the bend at or just under the firewall. I can see it working better if you can use as much as possible. Need to modify the firewall at all to get it to work?

Edit...I just took another look at your pics and I can see the Camaro trans crossmember and also what looks like the rail end- I guess you definately do use most of the clip. How did you tie it to the old frame? does the camaro clip fit inside the Ford frame rails? Nice work!
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the frame sets on top of the clip. thing is that the frame rails of the gm clips are not the same side to side. only place they match is the flat rails that set under the body and bolt up. i know mine are safe unlike the ones that are stuck together and plated. frame clip finished.jpg
got my air cleaner finished. will plumb both snorkels to the core support for fresh air. still waiting for my a/c compressor rebuild. motor finished.jpg
just cant find the time to work on it. i really need to get after it. it will be the daily driver for my bride and me. my 1ton has 500k+ on it and i'd like to park her 300 . let her drive the wheels off the truck.. but i do have a plan to finish all the paint during christmas. i'm almost caught up. interior is going to be black. have some late model vette seats for it.
Tell me about the oil pan clearance. I have a clipped '40 merc rear steer nova, bought another merc frame and have a dropped straight axle to use because I want a Ford in it. Was afraid the oil pan maybe in the way of the nova. Details man details ....please.
the crossmember had to be worked. heated and beat with a hammer :) made clearance for oil pan and also a notch for the starter. sorry dont have a pic .
getting closer . have the fenders in the booth ready for primer. i decided since i'm selling it to change some things. will have a dakota digital dash. putting a vintage air unit with heat and defrost . IMAG0473.jpg