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Hi again, I presume that I can spray a SS color on firewall and cowel after 2 coats SPI epoxy, filler for smoothing, 2 coats to cover. Do I need to scuff if within 72 hrs of last epoxy spray? Also, I want to spray dash now but it looks like the matte only comes in gallon size - much more than needed for dash. Any suggestions? Thx


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For the dash, you could have a local jobber mix something up for you. Some paint lines offer an interior paint mix quality that will typically be 1K.
Or they might have some SEM HR010, but a quart kit of that is like $90, so the price per oz is way up there.

John McGraw

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PPG has DX685 flattening agent in quarts. I keep a can of it on the shelf at all times, as it never goes bad. Just mix in the appropriate amount to get the sheen you are looking for.
I also keep a can of DX265 on the shelf for lacquer as well, but it is now discontinued, so I am not sure what I am going to do when I use up what I have now. I really LOVE using lacquer on interiors, as it dries so fast and needs so little masking. I don't think I can use the 685 in lacquer paint.

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