Desiccant and hose question

JC Daniel

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I have a water separato/guage, m 60 and 1.5 gallon desiccant filter in that order before my hose I spray with. I noticed my desiccant was needing changed but the m 60 cartridge was fine, Is that normal? Do I need to change my hose? The reason I checked my desiccant was because I noticed moisture in the last euro clear I sprayed, I was always checking the m60 cartridge to check for moisture and thought everything was okay but the clear told the true story.

JC Daniel

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Should I have the desiccant before the m60 or after like I have it now? Should I change my hose?
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I have never been able to tell when the filter element in my MotorGuard needs to be changed. I have seen where water will start spitting out my DA, but this is just at the extreme of the filter life, granted, this is my non-painting air hose connection for general tools, but I will run my DA off it from time to time.
I just try to rotate the filter elements and let the used one dry in a cabinet for months.

For my paint booth air connection I have a so-called five stage desiccant drying system. This is my take on a desiccant system in a non production shop environment.
I have a valve I close whenever I don't use this system for painting. I have copper that goes strait back to the compressor tank that, obviously, sees the small amount of water in my whole piping system and compressor tank. The desiccant never stops working, so it will try to absorb any water it sees so I shut the desiccant off from the water.

I don't think the physical location of your desiccant filter will make any difference.