Devilbiss GPi & Universal Clear?


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Anyone familiar with the Devibiss GPi?

If so, what settings do you run for applying universal clear?

I assume the 1.4 tip, with the fluid maybe 1/2 in from wide open, fan at 90%... adjust from there?


Todd Gatman

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I'm getting ready to do this exact thing. GPI with a 1.4 tip. Where did you wind up for your settings? This is a brand new gun for me, so just looking for a reasonable place to start. Thanks


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No internal strainers. Or dont bother with adjustments.

The fan open all the way and turn in 10%.

Fluid turns in til stop and turn out three full turns.

Air with the trigger pulled start at 28 lbs at the gun.
The same gun can shoot clear best at 36lbs
Or 28lbs or 22lbs. So you must figure out what is the best air as each one internals are different, not cut and dried like the better guns

Todd Gatman

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Thanks for the advice Barry! That got me a good start. Wound up at about 30 psi fwiw. Here is right out of the gun; which for me turned out really nice.


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I've been watching this thread, as I also have a GPi and had a little project to work on. I set my gun up almost exactly as Barry mentioned for the SPI UC and was very pleased with the way things came out. I didn't get a very good picture of the the tail gate but it came out very nice. This was two coats. I wanted to put three on it but the sun was going down and bugs were beginning to enter my shop. Think two is good enough for a tailgate. BTW, this is the first thing I've ever painted. Stripped, SPI epoxy, filler, SPI epoxy, 2K, SPI epoxy as sealer, BC/CC. Application process by texasking! Thank you gentlemen!!!


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