Do wire wheels leave an adequate scratch?


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Prepping my car for epoxy primer... It's already been glass-bead blasted and I understand that I should DA w/80-grit to give the surface a good scratch for the epoxy to adhere to. But the blasting didn't get the seam sealer and I'm finding that a wire wheel, though it gets the SS and the rust underneath it, leaves a polished-looking finish. Is the surface cleaned with a wire wheel rough enough for good epoxy adhesion and, if not, what are the best options for roughing up tight curves and seams? Does the wire wheel need to be followed up with sanding by hand to get the proper scratch?

John Long

Sorry, but I have to agree with the others and Crashtech. I am dealing with blisters along body lines right now that were wire wheeled. The wire wheel does not provide an equivalent pattern to 80 grit or spot blastong. Neither will a scuff pad on bare metal.



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Actually, the red aka maroon pad does work
And some wheels its easier than using sand paper. No gray, geen, or white pads.


RPM is way too high on an angle grinder. Even a higher grit can cause damage to metal you would have to address if not really, really careful. Just not practical.