Epoxy as Sealer


For collision work what would be best for plastic front bumpers? From the advice I have read on the forum epoxy appears to be a better option than regular 2k sealer for chip resistance and durability. I do this on the side so I am not putting out multiple cars per day. Actually most times I am only working 3 to 4 hours per day. So with my limited time each day I am wondering if it would be better for me to spray epoxy mixed normal and then sand next day and paint (this would get a chemical bond plus the addition bond with sanding) or would it be just as good to sprayed reduced and wait 30 minutes or so and then paint? What are you guys seeing as works best?


Either way works great.
I've reduced road rash on bumpers an amazing amount using epoxy instead of 2K.
It really helps a lot.
I prefer to wait a day and sand it if time allows,
only because I like having a smoother finish to base over.
but I don't think it matters much either way for adhesion.
(I believe that's what Barry once told me, He'll chime in if I'm wrong.)


Trying to be the best me, I can be
I've sprayed more bumpers than anyone should have to in their lifetime.:eek::D I never have any comebacks. What I do is always use adhesion promoter on bare plastic, then epoxy or urethane sealer, base, clear. Cracks and chips happen on refinish stuff mainly for 2 reasons. Too much millage on the bumper, and the bumper getting flexed . Any refinish bumper is going to crack if it gets flexed bad enough and refinish bumpers are much more prone to cracking if there is a lot of material on there.
If you are using unreduced epoxy there is zero need to sand next day, Complete waste of time to do so. Better yet mix it 1:1:25% and shoot it same day. Or if time is of the essence use urethane sealer. For collision work it really makes no difference.


Gotcha. Thanks guys. I prefer to just reduce and use as a sealer and base and clear the same day, but sometimes time doesn't allow. In those situations I will do like jc and wait and sand the next day.