epoxy primer over existing paint


I am painting a car, the car has been repainted on top of its original paint color. What I need to know is can I spray SPI Epoxy over existing paint as long as there is no rust or bondo under the surface and top coat over the epoxy. I know a lot of people prefer going down to bare metal but I am asking is this way ok to seal previous coat and build on top it.


roger that, just don't want to add any extra steps no more than I have to. I will go to bare metal when there is the need to


Thank you guys once again for responding and all your honest guidance will strip. What the best way to get down to metal with getting grind marks. I usually use paint stripping wheel or wire brush that goes on a drill. I know its slow and out of date. I have also used aircraft paint remover that melts the paint and you scrap it off that stuff will burn the heck out of you if you get it on you.

JC Daniel

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Most of the guys take everything down to bare metal with 80 grit because epoxy needs 80 grit scratch marks to get good adhesion. I see you are a combat veteran of Iraqi freedom, Thank you for your sacrifices you have made. I too am a combat disabled veteran of Desert Storm.


I don't strip if the car has only one repaint and it's in good condition,
Never had a problem, more than 1 repaint then I strip.
I use 60 grit on a rotary buffer, it goes fast and the epoxy will
take care of the scratches. I do 3 coats of epoxy, guidecoat and
sand smooth w/ 600 grit.