Epoxy Primer Scratches


I sanded my bare metal with 80 grit then sprayed SPI Epoxy Primer. That was last fall before I had to deal with cold tempretures. A lot of 80 grit sanding scratches have shown up and I am ready to start filling the imprefections with filler, slick sand, or primer...or a combination of all the above. In those areas that do not get filler, how do I get rid of the 80 grit scratches showing thru the expoxy primer?

Brad J.

Two good coats of epoxy should cover 80 scratches. How did you spray it? Either way sanding the epoxy with 80 or 120 in preparation for more filler or epoxy will disappear them.


Do you have an interface pad for your DA? I use 150 or 180 on my interface and DA it all down, you can see the scratches disappear this way and know when to stop, if the epoxy is months old I would sand and shoot some fresh anyways for better adhesion of fillers


I sprayed two coats but it was just to get the bare metal covered for winter. The truck has been stored all winter in a heated dry shop but I plan on going over it with DA/Interface before I start filler work so hopefully it will get caught up. Then I am going to finish with slick sand, block, and use spi regular build followed by a sealer coat using the spi epoxy, base, and clear. Will have lots of time before base and clear so hopefully any scratches will be exposed.