Euro 2.1 #5100 vs Euro 5000 difference?


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I just purchased the Euro Clearcoat the 2.1 #5100 with #5103 Slow Activator. I just did a test run and I got some of the nicest results I ever achieved!

My question is, aside from the VOC's being 2.1, what's the main difference?

I see that the 2.1 does not need to be reduced, but the other version has to be reduced?

I do not have the "cleanest" painting area and I do production style painting of products that are not car parts.

I was hoping to get a very high solid clear and maybe add some retarder to it. Then do a 1 coat and be done. I was hoping by using the retarder it would flow out the highest solid clear without need for reducer.

Jim C

as far as any clear is concerned, a 2.1 version of a clear, even if the solid content stays the same they will seem a little more syrupy. they will tend to spray a little thicker but also flow out a little more imo. kind of like the difference between spraying a reg voc in the summer vs the winter months. when cold they just get a little thicker body to them. i have found that most 2.1 clears can really use a 10% addition of reducer otherwise they can be prone to air entrapment. if your spraying parts and want to do it quick then i would suggest you use the speed clear. it lays out like glass and hardens up quick. euro has a much slower cure time compared to the other spi clears.