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I have heard that rage is the best sanding and smoothest spreading filler out there, Which one do you guys use? I see Rage gold, extreme, ultra, Which is your pick?
I've used Xtreme and Ultra, both in limited amounts as a hobbyist, but I really like Ultra better than Xtreme. Ultra just seems better overall and I think its cheaper than Xtreme.
the gold sux. it might have been good 20 years ago but it doesnt compare to more modern fillers. i have used the xtreme and that was just ok. iwasnt bad but i wasnt impressed either. never used the ultra but have heard good things. i use the evercoat quantum. expensive but its really great stuff.
Looks like 3m Marson platinum is a very good filler also.
I loved the Marson Platinum before 3M bought them out. Just doesn't seem to be the same stuff anymore. When I finish this can I will try the Rage Ultra. Tried the Gold years ago but didn't care for it hence I switched to the Marson Platinum and have stayed there.