Exhaust Fan advice needed

jtfx6552;n80622 said:
Do you have any photos of your set up anywhere on the site?

No I don't but if you like I can take photos if you like. It is nothing fancy in the home garage the pro booth is at the shop which is a down draft. At home I just removed a window and mounted the fan on the 2 swing entry doors I removed the windows and put intake filters there for what I do in there it works real good and I live in an area with farms so the spacing between neighbors is not an issue I could paint one outside and nobody would say anything.
bill3337;n80395 said:
Hi, I've been doing epoxy and high build work in my home spray booth without any great issues, but now that I'm doing base/clear, I'm having trouble getting rid of the "fog" from the clear. I did the chassis yesterday, which takes a lot of spraying to get all sides of the chassis and crossmembers etc. The base exhausts ok. The fan I use is rated at 1990 CFM and pulls hard. I use three layers of pre-filters (about 1/2" thick, plus activated carbon filter to help remove fumes. The pre-filters get clogged with clear pretty quickly, so be the third coat of clear, they're pretty plugged up. It's still exhausting, but I get a pretty heavy fog in the booth. I'm using an Iwata 400 lpx HVLP gun. I could change the pre-filters between coats, but don't like to disturb things between coats. Is 2000 CFM way undersized? The booth is 10'x24'x10' ceiling. I'm an amateur obviously, but would like to improve conditions if I can. Thanks, Bill

I know this is apples and oranges somewhat, but my cross flow booth is 14w X 27L X 10h and uses a 13,900 CFM 34"Diameter fan. The doors (9' 6"H X 10'W area between the 3 of them) have a total of 15 20x20 intake filters (5 each), and the exhaust plenum in each rear corner uses a single layer "arrester" pad filters a total of 24 20 X 20 on the exhaust. Now, I know that is overkill for a home booth in your situation, but I would look at increasing intake and exhaust filter area to reduce any flow restrictions and then possibly consider a larger fan or a second fan to increase CFM. Just my opinion and worth exactly what you paid for it.......
I've got a second fan now and plan to build an exhaust plenum to increase the surface area of the exhaust filters. I should be able to triple the surface area that way.
I need to create positive pressure or at least reduce the negative in my garage. It's 22x35x8. The exhaust fan is a 3100-920 (variable). I always use the lowest setting. For years, I've opened a window or two for intake. Entry door will pop open if left ajar. If I open the garage door plus the windows it takes a while but the door still slips open. It's going to be very cold all week. With all of these openings, it's going to be impossible to maintain any temp. One window is right next to where I paint so having near sub-zero air blowing on it is a no go. Think opening the farthest window and cracking the garage door would create the appropriate airflow without adversely dropping temps? If I can't resolve the pressure issue, I may have to become the best buffer around.

Any ideas on what I can do without reconfiguring my whole garage?

That'll take care of the cold air issue but what about the pressure issue? The garage is heated.