Fiberglass hood advice


Hey guys,

I've got an early Bronco with a fiberglass hood and was looking for some advice on making it fit/work better. See pics to hopefully show what I am describing.

1. There are these fake vents at the back of the hood that I want to fill in and make the hood smooth. I guess they're for aesthetics to look like a factory hood or to cut out if you want to use the vents. Anyways, I don't like them so what is the best way to fill the vents. There is about 1/8-3/16 gap between the fake bottom of the vent and the top surface of the hood. Is there a good Fiberglass filler or adhesive I could use or do I have to add more glass & resin? Just worried about cracking as the hood will see a bit of heat from the sun and the lumpy motor I am running.

2. The hood also has a slight bow at each side of the hood so it doesn't lay flat and keep flush with the fender line. Is there a way to flatten the hood out a little without getting into major repairs? Could I sit in out in the sun with some weight on the area that is too high? I can live with it if needed as I know these glass hoods rarely fit well.

3. The hood has been on the truck for about 6-7 years but I am just getting around to finishing the whole project. So should I still bake the hood in the sun for a few days as recommenced by Barry and others?

Thanks in advance for any/all expert analysis ! - Mike



evil painter
With the hood being that age, it's doubtful that weighing down the center in the sun, even bracing front up to overcompensate bend will work. May need to put a few slices into underbracing, grind & re glass over them & set in proper position.

For the vents I'd cut out & bevel from both sides & lay a few new layers of glass & matt from 1 side , then the other. Could be fresh poly resin or epoxy. Once rough sanded close enough for regular fillers, I damn sure would let it set in sun a few days. Epoxy primer over area would be best, a poly like evercoat g-2 2nd best.