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Fiberglass hood with gel coat

I purchased a fiberglass hood which has been coated with gel coat and rough sanded. The edges of the hood are not as square as they need to be, actually aren’t even close in places. So I will need to finish these edges. Advice on how to proceed? I ordered spi epoxy primer for the rest of the truck, just not sure about how to handle the gel coat, and needed body work. Talk to me like a noob ( cause I am)
Just square the edges up with 80# and a fairly long block. Don't worry about going through the gelcoat. Sand the hood with 80# DA and apply 3 coats of epoxy. Wait 48hrs.-72hrs., then block with 80-120. You can fill imperfections with filler of choice, but Evercoat's Vette Panel Adhesive is probably your best choice. Then spray 2-3 more coats of epoxy. Depending on how happy you are with how it looks, determines the next step. If it is still wavy, a polyester primer like Evercoats slick sand, would be a good choice. If you are happy with it, block it with 180-220, then 320, then wetsand with 400-600 before epoxy sealer.


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Though there are other great fillers now, VPA is a great upgrade filler to use . It has a consistency similar to jb weld, but sands pretty easy, though harder than regular fillers.
Also need to understand that new fiberglass is still shrinking & will shrink to the hottest temperature it will receive, so if you can get in in the sun in position for a few hot/ cooldown cycles or even engine heat & or overhead infared heat, you won't have a shrunken product later.
I've left the hood out in the sun the last few days. I figure I will do it last to give it plenty of dry time. I'm still sanding for the first coat of epoxy on the cab. Found some rust at the bottom of the doors I'm dealing with now. May see if I can persuade my local body shop guy I know pretty well to stick it in his booth for me. Thanks for the pointers!