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fiberglass repair

seen a couple of questions on tinting resin for vette repairs. on early corvettes you can use maze yellow resin tint in white resin to match the original color. found this years ago when i was doing a lot of c1's .

just food for thought and worth just what you paid for it .
U can actually use whatever colored gel coat U want and use it for laminating with fiberglass as you would with laminating resin however I do not believe the strength and flexibility it's going to be that as such as some of the laminating resin that are polyester or vinyl Esther. Just but I would throw this at you and see what you had to say LOL
i only use epoxy resin. when doing a repair on a resto the color has to match the original as the underside of vettes were never painted .
yes most marine supply stores will have raw tints for tinting gelcoat which you can also use in your epoxy or polyester resin. a supplier for professional wood finishes will also have universal tints or solvent specific tints. you just cant use tint meant for waterbase. all the others are ok.