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Fine line tape

3m purple is good. everyone these days seems to be using the stuff from fbs. they seem to be taking over in the custom paint world. thats all anyone uses anymore. i remember trying out the orange many years ago. i remember it being really good but it has been prob 10 years so i dont really remember.



Trying to be the best me, I can be
The 3M blue was a nightmare imo. If it was hot the stuff would move around on me a lot. Made getting lines right hard for me. 218 will stick if you rub on it a lot. Too much work to do that. Can you still get the 3M crepe fine line. Stuff stuck a lot better for me than the 218.
Jim thanks for the link, I'll check them out.
the 218 is a rigid tape and is more for pulling straight lines. you generally wouldnt use the blue or purple tape for laying out something like racing stripes on a hood. the 218 will get you far straighter lines. yes 3m blue is horrible. 3m still has 233+ green crepe fineline in 1/8, 1/4 and 1/2. i still use that where im not going to see my line. typically if its something i am going to pinstripe over.