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First time blasting...pic and question

I was using medium 40-70 crushed glass and as you can see, it did a fairly good job (I think). However, in the picture you can see that the pits remain slightly darker (see the arrow pointing at it). Would switching to fine grit instead of the medium get that out?

Or, do I even need to worry about it? Can I just epoxy over results like this without worrying about rust coming back?
I would also make sure that the pits are not too deep they could be on there way threw, I would take a small pick and poke the deeper ones and see if it starts to go thru.
When you're dealing with rust like that all you can do is the best you can and get a good barrier of epoxy on it. On pits that are so deep that they are almost through or pits that have deep rooted corrosion that won't clean out I'll often drill them out with a .125 bit and weld them back up-use a copper backer and it is very easy. It all depends on how much time you're willing to spend, what the part is worth... I've never seen rust come back to haunt me doing it this way.
Update....I used a finer blast media tonight. When I move the piece in bright light to avoid shadowing, it all appears to be the same color (I.e. no dark spot in the pit). So I guess I'm good to go?

I guess at one point I just have to stop worrying and just get on with it (ie: epoxy)
Bob Hollinshead;n73951 said:
If you can't see any more rust in the pits you've done well-doesn't get any better than that. Clean it well and shoot 2-3 coats of epoxy and rock on.
Yup, that's my plan....of course a cold snap has moved in and our nights go below 65...even in my garage I won't risk it until it warms up a little