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Flames / graphis though jambs?

I've seen it done both ways, but not sure which is more "correct" or "professional" I noticed on the hot rod Periwitcz did, the flames stoped at the panel edge. How do you treat this? Does the graphic just stop? No pinstripe? I see overspray in the jamb but there were still working on it.

a truely real professional job will have the graphics continue through the jambs and on the inside of the doors as well. depending on the job it tends to add alot of time so unless someone is doing a higher end show car and has the money i find it a difficult sell. on the yellow/black eclipse in my gallery, everything runs in the door jambs and on the inside of the doors, even on the hinge side. i spent just as much time screwing around doing that on that particular job as i did on the whole outside. the doors are off, then on then off then on again. really sucks and i hate it but i always try and get people to do it. just puts everything on another level.