For sale Iwata LPH400 LVX

Hi Guys, It's time to thin the heard. I'm a hobbyist who paints a car about every 5 years and smaller bits and pieces bumper covers etc once or twice in between. This is an LPH400-LVX I have owned from new. Originally it was a silver cap, but I bought the orange cap directly off Hub Forsgren ("Dr Gun" at Sharpe then Iwata) about a year or two ago. The cap's been used once. The guns been used for two full repaints and a bumper cover or two. It has a 1.4 tip and comes with a PPS adapter and a full sized pot/lid.
It sprays perfectly, no issues.

I would like $250 for it with free priority mail shipping to the lower 48.

The air fitting is NOT included since it is an unusual setup and I use these fittings for everything in my shop and you probably use something different.

I did a very short video of it spraying some thinner, and I can send that if you like via email.