getting started with airbrushing



I plan to buy an iwata eclipse gravity feed for a starting g airbrush as in reading it seems to be a good all rounder. My real question I guess is that its dawned on me that airbrushing will use lots of small amounts of colors so I was wondering g if anyone made a halfway okay kind of starter kit with just a little of a lot of basecoats or the best way to scrounge around for them as going to my jobber and buying 10-20 pints/quarts of base would kill the pocketbook.


Coastairbrush has all sorts of stuff like that. I frequent kustomkulturelounge forum and everyone recommends Coast. Craig Frasur is the admin and posts often on there, tons of talented people. Not a ton of flow on the forum, but some great ones.

Jim C

i agree. there are a ton of kits out there, usually house of kolor broken down into small bottles. what you want to watch for is some are pre reduced like the ones from tcpglobal/kustomshop. you dont want that because the pigments settle out easily. you want to be using regular base then you can reduce as necessary. to me pre reduced is just a marketing scam to make it look like you getting a way better deal.