GM Butternet Yellow WA3313??


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I recently started using a diaphram type regulator(maybe for the past 7 months) and everything seems to be on par with the gauge. I normally shoot the SPI clear at 35-40 psi, 2-2.5 turns out, fan wide open. on my Tekna prolite

Literally on these letters, it was warm in the garage, maybe 85 or so. I shot the tailgate hanging up, first coat went on like glass, came back to shoot the second coat 30 min later and it was all runs... Like no vertical hang at all, it all just sagged down. and i know i didn't hammer it on.


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That's pretty weird, the UV has been one of the harder clears for me to run, but it seems to work best for me when I am somewhat above the gun mfrs. recommended pressure. I hope you get it worked out. The truck looks great though!

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I realize this thread is a few years old, but I wanted you to know that this was very helpful to me. I have a 1948 Ford F1 that is currently in the paint shop and I'm also using WA3313. I know it's kind of sacrilegious being a Ford with a GM color, but all period colors are wonderful. Here are a couple of photos as well. Thanks again guys.
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I'm not a yellow fan BUY this is the one yellow from the 60's that I loved.
Made this color for years but just did not sell enough to continue, very disappointed