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Got the car painted today.

Got my vette painted today, just the basecoat. I am letting it sit overnight and then the clear. Of course it started to rain and a couple of spots blushed. Paint went on nice and is a semi glossy matte finish. No real problems. Couple of nibs here and there. Thanks Barry and everyone else for the help. I must have painted 10 of my own cars and each one I treat like it's the first.
Got 5 coats of clear on. Came out really good for a garage paint job. A couple little runs and just the usual dust. A little orange peel. The weather couldn't have been bette clear, 70's and no humidity. The only problem was a fly flew right into the middle of the quarter. I waited until it dried and then wet sanded him out. Thanks for a great product Barry and thanks for the help. I will get picture up soon.