Gun fluid tip

I notice in several places, there is warnings not to use 1.3MM fluid tips to only use 1.4

My main gun is a SATAJET RP Digital and I have never had any tip on it but a 1.3 I have shot PPG DCC and Clear with it for years and got great results. What would be the indications that I needed to step up to a 1.4 tip? Obviously, new nozzles sets are not cheap for a SATA gun, and being as old as it is, even finding a 1.4 for this gun is tough. The nozzle sets for this gun are discontinued long ago. This will be the first use of SPI material for me, and I want it to come out slick, but I sure don't want to spend the money if it is not absolutely necessary. Given the price of these nozzle sets, I may just buy an Iwata gun. What about all you guys? Anybody using a 1.3 to shoot the SPI single stage or universal clear. I really love this gun because of the built-in electronic pressure gauge in the handle. It sure makes setup a breeze.

Regards, John McGraw
the sata 1.3 is about like an iwata with a 1.4 . the sata is a hoser where the iwata is a slow and deliberate gun . you'll be fine John just do a few test runs .
good to see you here :)
Yea, PPG has finally priced me out of their product. You know I shoot a lot of red, and their red DCC's just keep getting more expensive by the day! I tried some SPI epoxy on my current project, (a 66 Nova), and I really liked it. Better than DP90 and way less expensive. I am still on the fence whether to use single stage or BC/CC. The PPG DCC is a great single stage, and it always yielded great results, but it is just getting too damn expensive!

When I think about it, I will send you some pics of the 56 Bel Air that I just finished, Red and white naturally! I have dropped off a bunch of the discussion boards I was on, as the conflicts and politics were just not to my liking. Sold the 67 Chevelle wagon with the 500 horse LS3 a couple of months ago, and am going to sell a couple of the Corvettes this spring. It is time to thin the herd a little and make some room in the shop, so I can build some more projects!


I don't know about the old RPs but on the newer ones that some of us here have the 1.3 nozzle is actually a touch bigger that a 1.5.
As suggested spray some test panels and yours will likely work just fine.


i'm hoping to start on the fleetline this spring but have to wait for the next ct scan in march before making any decisions . i have a c2 that a guy wants me to do but i don't think he and i would get along on a full build . i love doing corvettes but dont like being told how to do it .
i love barry's red in SS . not sure what color i want the fleetline yet . leaning towards a silver i use to do in the 70's .