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HD Tank.

If you plan on many more (and as nice as it turned out, likely so) I'd suggest some purpose built stands... I have one set of "trees" for the older tanks, and one for the newer. I found some tubing that was close in size and use strategic weld bead locations to hold things in place. This allows you to paint any and all surfaces in one sitting, without having to contend with tanks swinging on wires or blocked areas..

For front mount holes, the lower tube has a weld bead on the inside to keep things out where they belong..

For upper hole, the tube has a weld bead on the lower inside to limit tube protrusion, and weld bead on top outside to keep tank from falling off. Hook top, drop everything else in place..

Takes up more room and a pain to store (good thing for attic storage) but hands down better when spraying split tanks over anything else I've tried. Disclaimer: there may be better out there but I haven't tried it... I've been content with these.. ;)