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Help hanging 66 mustang doors

Got a 66 fastback in the shop and it's an abortion. Looks like it had a quarter put on the left side a long time ago, complete with pop rivets, lead and brazing. Right side has had a skin put on the same way. Left door is damaged beyond repair, so a Dynacorn door is there now.

Since I don't have good quarters on the car and I will be replacing them, how far forward should the doors be? The right door is flush with the edge of the rocker and has a pretty tight gap at the quarter. When I put the Dynacorn door at the edge of the rocker there's a pretty big gap at the quarter (although, that door jamb at the quarter is damaged).

Any words of wisdom before I start cutting?
measure the length of both doors at various places for comparison-it may give you some clues. Also measure both rockers for comparison. I've seen rockers with 1/4" difference in length from side to side and I've seen aftermarket doorskins 1/8" shorter in length than oem so I bet the doors are also inconsistent. Report back-this thread could help someone else down the road.
On a factory car with factory doors, the front of the doors line up with the front edge of the outer rocker. It's one continuous consistent gap top to bottom, Fender to door at the top, fender to rocker at the bottom. Hope this helps.